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Jim Marcoux
All my life I have loved to make things and I have been fascinated with things made by hand. Some of my earliest memories are of being mesmerized by the beautifully chatoyant color and figure of the mahogany veneer on my parents' hi-fi cabinet and tracing my fingers through the acanthus leaf patterns on the sofa upholstery. I hope that in some small way the things that I make help to make the world a better place and provide an invitation to marvel at the beauty and mystery of the world around us.

For my design inspirations today, I like to study the work of other craftsmen, both contemporary and ancient. I especially draw inspiration from the endless variety of form in the natural world. My design process seems to be a blending of what I see and appreciate in the existing body of furniture work with how I am informed by my feelings about what I experience in the natural world.